Meet J. David Lappin

J.D. LappinJ. David Lappin, with 35 years of diverse experience, brings his extensive business, accounting and tax knowledge to the South Florida business community. He is a degreed accountant who has held the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Director of Finance in both public and private corporations. Mr. Lappin spent the earlier part of his career in public accounting providing tax, auditing, accounting and business services to small and medium size businesses. He has now returned to his passion of providing his accounting, tax and business expertise to the small businesses. He strongly believes that the small businessman deserves the same level of service and expertise as the larger business and is dedicating his energy and expertise to this end.

About Padgett

padgett-logoIn 1965 Walter Padgett had a vision. As a small business owner in Athens, Georgia he witnessed fellow business owners struggling to manage their companies’ tax and financial issues. His solution? Padgett Business Services., a company that provided small businesses with the expertise they need to address those issues and assist them in building a successful business. Decades later, we’re proud to say, small business owners still rely on Padgett. So much so that we have thousands of clients across all industries, and hundreds of local owner-operated offices.

Padgett is the accounting and tax small business expert…we produce a combination of business information and services to help small business owners succeed.  Padgett caters to the individual needs of small business owners through a network of 400+ owner-operated offices.   They only work with small business and have been helping them succeed for over 50 years. This allows us to have the flexibility of a privately-owned office with the benefits of a large organization backing us up.  Click here to visit the Padgett website.

Our Philosophy

Quality Relationships Breed Success
You’ll quickly discover that integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do. And this essential quality of our relationship will allow you to focus on what’s most important: building your business.

Working With The Right Tools Invariably Yields Better Results
Padgett offers a unique combination of business information and services to help small business owners succeed.

Expert Advice from a source you can trust
We are always here to answer your questions and offer sound advice to give you that competitive edge.

Clearly Defined Financial goals breed Results
How sound is your fiscal plan? How does it compare to your competitors? Let our experience be your compass. We provide in-depth analysis that factors in present status as well as future goals, so you can make fully informed business decisions.

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