J. David Lappin provides accounting, tax, payroll and business consulting to the South Florida business community.    Learn More

Financial Management

A lot of small business owners are passionate about what they do, and they do it well. But not everyone is passionate about fiscal planning & keeping current with tax codes. We can help.

Tax Consultation

We specialize in all the taxes that affect your small business: income tax, payroll tax, sales tax… any tax. We have a thorough understanding of your small business issues.

Financial Reporting

Leave your financial reporting to us.  We’ll make sure it’s organized and government compliant.

Complete Payroll

Our payroll services are powered by a nationally recognized partner, designed for small business with as few as one employee to as many as a hundred, and simplified to save you time and money.

Why Choose J. David Lappin?

Accountant Boca Raton

Why We Are Better

We pride ourselves on being more than just a complete accounting and payroll solution for Boca Raton & South Florida small business. In addition to providing you with timely & accurate financial reporting and tax preparation, we will empower your business with sound, business-savvy advice based on the latest tax law.  You own a small business because you are an expert at what you do– leave the complicated accounting & tax work to us. Our personalized service will deliver regular face to face consultations with a financial expert that will help you grow your business far beyond your expectations. We will help you perfect your business model, and provide you with quality strategic planning usually only available to big companies with extensive financial & accounting staff.

It's Always Tax Time!

Trust your personal or business tax preparations to J. David Lappin & Padgett Business Services.  We specialize in all the taxes that affect your small business as well as personal taxes: income tax, payroll tax, sales tax… any tax. Our thorough understanding of small business and personal tax issues means your taxes will always be prepared accurately.  By using our affordable and competitive services, we guarantee prompt delivery of completed tax forms. So leave the stress of tax time behind with our fully-backed tax department.  Trust J. David Lappin & Padgett Business Services not just as your Boca Raton accountant, but for all your personal & business tax needs.  Call us today at (561) 361-0115, email us at [email protected] or feel free to drop by– walk-ins are welcome.

Non-Resident & Ex-Pat Tax Return Preparation

We Specialize in NON-RESIDENT and EX-PAT tax preparation for U.S. citizens living abroad. All citizens of the United States of America, regardless of where they are domiciled, are required to file Federal Tax Returns with the IRS on an annual basis. Unlike many countries U.S. tax responsibility is based on citizenship and not residency. American citizens are required to report their worldwide income to the Internal Revenue Service annually. Therefore all U.S. Citizens living outside the United State are responsible to file U.S tax returns. Having lived abroad for many years and being qualified in tax matters in both the United States and Canada, J. David Lappin is uniquely qualified to walk non-residents through the filing process and to assure that your legal requirements are met in a timely and professional manner.

Personalized Service

We offer comprehensive small business products and personal service that deliver results and peace of mind.  As your accountant in Boca Raton, we help you solve small business issues so you can focus on what is most important- your business success. We’re always here to answer your questions and offer sound advice that gives you the competitive edge.

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What our clients say

Lethal Performance has been working with David Lappin since 2004. During this time Mr. Lappin has provided our company with exceptional monthly accounting, payroll services and tax planning. In addition to those tasks, he has also served as a valuable resource for business guidance. Mr. Lappin’s dedication to customer service goes above and beyond, he’s always happy to meet and discuss anything relating to Lethal Performance. We hold Mr. Lappin in such high regard that we consider him part of the ``Team Lethal`` family.- Jonas Cooper, Lethal Performance
There are three things my business needs from an accountant and David is excellent at all three. He educates me on best practices for my business accounting and provides detailed monthly reports that show how my business is doing. He is always ready to explain details and answer any questions I have. Second, David provides guidance on how to operate in the most tax-efficient way. Finally, I take comfort in knowing my accounting is done by a real professional, and that he would be available should the IRS have any questions. Also, when I want to demonstrate our credit worthiness or the health of the business, the information is right there in the reports. David is always ready to listen to concerns or ideas about my business and provides valuable insight from his extensive experience not only as an accountant but as having been CFO at several large companies in my industry.- Tom Arbuckle, Action Courier Service
In starting my first business, the only thing I knew that I had to do was to hire an accountant. Unfortunately for me I initially hired the wrong person. I didn’t realize this for about 9 months. The good thing that came out of this was my meeting David Lappin. He was able to right the wrongs my first accountant made (which were many). David streamlined my payroll process, sends timely monthly reports, takes care of my LLC reporting and is always available for a question I may have. I have all the confidence in the world in his ability to advise a small company such as mine or a very large company which I hope to become…- Chris McCoy, Gondolas West
David is always available to help me with all my business tax, accounting and payroll needs. I value his business advice and he is just a phone call away whenever I need his guidance.- Chris Markert, Mint Technology
David Lappin has been our accountant for years. He is always available! If he is out of town, or it is after hours, he will answer the phone, text message, or e-mail message. He can easily answer any question I have or promptly ascertain any information we need. His knowledge and education is evident and during “tax-time”, we are always satisfied that our business is being handled professionally and with accuracy.- Mike & Tricia Halterman, Palm Beach Air Conditioning
We were overwhelmed with bookkeeping details, sales tax, annual taxes and all the headache side of running a company. It was a huge relief just to hand over everything to David and be able to go back to concentrating on our business. David has an amazing mind for details and provides an easily-understood monthly report. Most importantly, he’s always available to talk over business ideas or problems and has incredible connections to almost anybody, like lawyers, mortgage brokers, investment advisors and more.- Owner, Future Strategies